Jason challiss  

Jason helped me with my lower back pain by making me more supple using exercise. This also allowed me to lose a few pounds of weight.

Mick (2012)


I started working with jason to lose weight and improve my fitness, I was amaized that within 4 weeks (8 sessions) I lost 7lbs and felt fantastic and much fitter.

Chantell. (2013)


Simply put - jason is the best PT you will ever work with - a true listener - he will work WITH you to achieve your goals - in a positive and realistic way. he constantly adapts his workouts to ensure you always get the best results.

Hugo (2014)


I worked with jason as I needed a bit of motivation and guidance to get me started on fitness, I liked the way jason made each session fun and different, he always listened to what I wanted and taykored my sessions to my goals, This ment that I never got board with exercise and when we did boxing I loved it. I would reconemd jason to my friends and family if anyone needed a trainer.




A few of us got together wanting to get fit having fun!!! If your looking for someone who will help you achieve your goals without realising you set any Jason is your Trainer. Sarah (2012)



1. Fun and motivating

2. Weekly training means exercise is a priority and Jason comes to your house, so you have no excuse!

3. The exercises are tailored to individual goals and abilities, 

4. The protein shakes recommended are tasty

5. The food diary works really well as it makes you stop and think about your intake.

You can exercise effectively in your own home using your own body weight, and with Jasons help I achieved my goals


Dana (2012)

South London


3 session a week


Jason asked me in mid-January if I was up for doing a 5 week challenge of 3 sessions per week and watching my diet carefully. At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, but also felt excited that in a matter of a month and a bit I might see some really obvious changes in my fitness, strength and body. I'm so glad I did it as that is exactly what has happened! It actually gets addictive being told my friends and family that you look like you've lost weight, or the other great question: "have you been working out?" YES, yes I have! Last year when I started with Jason, I was carrying a lot of excess weight on my whole body, around my middle in particular. As I approached my 30th birthday last year I thought I need to do something about this soon. Jason and I were working once a week together and I was doing a session or two on my own in between. But since the 5 week challenge I've felt motivated to exercise 5 to 6 times a week and since finishing the challenge, I've done something, even if only a short session every day, on my own self-motivated!Jason knew how to push me each session so that I kept motivated and didn't get beaten, but also felt able to push myself and felt good coming away from sessions, looking forward to the next one! It also helped that Jason makes sessions fun, as well as knowing his stuff around muscles and nutrition, to give interesting information on what you are doing with him as you go. We've done at least one new exercise in every session I've ever had with him since last summer, which has given me loads of ideas to do my own workouts at home and not get bored. Working with Jason doesn't feel like a chore, even when it's difficult. I'd fully recommend him as a trainer to anyone.


Finn (Feb 2014)

East London

I met Jason in the gym last year when he was training. I asked him about stomach exercises, he was very helpful with the kind of execrises I needed to do. I am a mother of 4 children, I was going to the gym but I felt I was not getting the results I wanted, after having a chat with Jason he told me he was a personal trainer, I asked if he could train me. We agreed on days and times, Jason said he could train me in my house, I thought I could not train in my living room (boy was I wrong).My first session, after we did all the paperwork, I put some music on and we started with a warm up, he explained everything as we went along. At the end of the session, I could feel that my body had been worked.My friends and I decided to take part in the Notting Hill Carnival, I had a target to work towards, I remember when I told Jason I wanted abs like Rihanna. My training sessions changed. Jason told me I had to work hard and asked if I could keep a food diary and I was measured at the end of the next session. The sessions with Jason are always fun, we had a good laught but he still made me work. I have never had abs before I started with Jason, I do now!!Jason is a great trainer he listens to your needs and works towards your goals with you, Oh yes the massage that you can have at the end is so relaxing, it's only a couple of minutes but it feels good on the aching muscles at the end of the session. Jason keep up the good work, your sessions are always fun.


Jane (2012)