•  On-line  PT (via Private APP)

  • ​Group PT (up to 4 people)

  • Nutrition Advice and support

  • food programme if you require one

  • Kick Start Programme (Fat Loss)

  • Regain your body after giving birth

  • Work Group PT (Stress Relief)

  • CV Training

  • Boxing keep fit

  • TRX Training

  • postural assessment

  • One on One PT (1 hr)

  • One on One PT (1/2 hr)

  •  Supermarket tour

  • Partner PT 1hr or 1/2hr

  • Body fat loss

  • Client goal tailored training

  • ​Any other goal you might want to work on

  • Recipe book with +60 recipes hard back or PDF versions

  • Recipe book for calorie intake eg 1400,1600 up to 2100. all come with shopping list, cooking instructions and have options for vegetarians.

    (PDF only at this time)


At PTyourway.co.uk my aim is to make Personal Training (PT) available to everyone, I do this by providing normal One 2 One PT at 1 hour or 1/2 hour PT for people with less time on their hand this is also a cheaper way to access PT, All of this done at my studio or your home.


At PTyourway I make every session innovative, challenging and as fun of a workout as possible without the stress of going to the gym, every client (you) gets a bespoke programme designed specifically for you and no one else, Individually based around your goals, sex, age and fitness level as well as ongoing support, focused nutritional advice, all the motivation and of course an exciting programme that will keep your body responding to it regardless of whom you are, how fit you are etc.


Another way to reduce the cost to you is to have group PT, This is where you will be training with up to 3 people normally family or friends, but can also be work colleagues. This way of training is more fun for everyone and also improves the competition levels with-in the group meaning that you will work harder and have a greater work effort which in turn will help with you achieving your goals.

I am also able to give you personal nutritional advice to help with your fat loss and general nutritional advice however it does not end there as I will be there for you with coaching throughout your PT program with me this is on all aspects of your program from exercise to nutritition through phone, E-mail and Text whenever you need it.


At PTyourway I service East London and tr from canary wharf.  PTyourway trains many diverse people looking for many different results from body toning, weight control, body fat loss, postural corrections, strength and power training to sport performance fitness training.  I use up to date techniques to get your results from my continuous learning that I do, which I embed into you so you have the knowledge to continue with your fitness training when you leave my services so you are able to keep your fitness going for life!




The most common reason for people to look for a personal trainer is to lose weight and change the way their body looks which in turn normally changes the way they feel about themselves, .

This is why at ptyourway.co.uk I offer body fat loss training with regular weight checks and body measurements checks (only if you feel comfortable with this) to manage your goals on a weekly/monthly basis depending on what your goal is.


 I also make sure that every PT session/program you have is unique to you, that way you only focus on what you yes you want to get out of the program and not what the pt thinks you should be working towards, of course this is not all as I leave you with the knowlege of how, what you have to do to manage you own goals with your fitness/exercise without having to stay with a pt for the rest of your training life.

So if this sound like something that you would like to do then just click on the contact me button below.