My Name is Jason Challiss I am a qualified REPS level 3 personal trainer (PT)

(reps no:R0093860.)

Becoming a personal trainer has helped me to progress forward in my passion  for helping people with different abilities to set and accomplish their health and fitness goals that will make them feel and look the way they want to without having to go to the gym.

I do this as I am a mobile Pt (and owner of a private studio 5 minute from canary wharf  ) this means I can come to you at your home, work, park or you can train in my studio.)

A little bit of background on me I have and still continue to do as much charity work as I can. I do this in many different ways, one way is I love to do the British Heart Foundation 10k fun runs that I do every year with my daughter, to the London Marathon in 2009 and 2014.

I have also climbed mount Snowdon with my family and also with my old place of work, not only have I done these kind of charity events I  also did a white collar boxing match for charity in 2009,  where the money raised was used to help kids from my local area have somewhere to go and train for free this gave them something to do where they could be in a safe environment  rather then being stuck with nothing to do or hanging around the streets!

Now that I am a Personal Trainer I have the Qualifiaction to use boxing as an exercise programe (boxfit) which gives a great work out with as much fun as possible with out being hurt or feeling uncomfortable by having to go to a boxing gym.

So the main reason I Became a PT was so that I could help people to acheive their goals,  have a healthy lifestyle and leave my services with the knowledge on how to maintain it on their own without having to stay with a PT! however saying this  you can you can still check in with me whenever you need to this can be  from once a month, every 3 months to even once a year to help if you need it, 

Now I have a place where new mums can go to get back into the shape that they were before or just to have some where to go (Group PT) after the birth of their child without having to go to a gym where they might feel uncomfortable due to the change in their bodies,

My long term goal is to use my studio for all of the above and then I will have to ability to do free classes for local kids so they have a place to go and get fit at the same time, As currently they do not have any such place any where around my home location so end up on the streets which is not good for them.


Even though I am a qualified personal trainer I still make sure I stay at the top of my game by continuously keep my learning up by reading as many books and blogs on diet, health and fitness and also by attending CPD courses on new exercises, nutrition information so I can give the best possible advice and exercise programmes to all of my clients.

So after reading a little about me  and what I offer I hope you have gained a little bit of an understanding about the way I work, what I offer and  what you can get from working with me on your fitness/health goals, If so why not contact me to arrange your free assessment and start your journey to the new you.





I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

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